Nudist Filipina

As if finding fellow Filipina lesbians who are femme is not hard enough, I might as well give up on looking for Filipino nudists such as myself.

Nudism or naturism, as expected is not even a thing here in the Philippines, and sadly, I guess it never will be.

So far, I have found none of my kind yet. Every search ends up in vain, with sites that involves yes, naked bodies, but not in the context that I have intended my search for.

I cannot wait to have my own house and not have to wear clothes indoors ever again. For now I only enjoy my freedom when I have our house to myself, and at night in my room of course.

In the rare chance we share the same hopes of a clothing-free, genuinely equal society, lemme know alrighty? Please.


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3 responses to “Nudist Filipina

  1. mike

    keep looking, don’t get despondent…..there are a lot of people in Philippines who want to enjoy the freedom of nudity, it’s just a cultural thing….so keep looking…. good luck!

  2. chenjunyuan

    I know what you mean. Since the mid-90s I’ve been wanting to try nudism. Finally when I got my own house, first thing I did was walk around and sleep in the nude. Thankfully now that I am married, my wife understands me so I get to do it with her.

    I think our society in general is not yet mature enough to accept naturism/nudism.

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